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Aircraft Consulting

The decision to acquire an aircraft can be a daunting one. Questions such as, “Is it right for my company?” and, “Which is the right aircraft for me?” can make the decision to purchase an aircraft seem overwhelming. But, like any major decision, it is important to seek out those you can trust to help you wade through the process.

The experts at Orion Flight Services have assisted our clients for over 15 years in selecting, acquiring, and operating all types of aircraft. From the weekend flyer who wants the perfect personal airplane to the Fortune 500 company that needs a large business jet, the professionals at Orion have assisted them all. If a brand new aircraft is desired, we have experience with every major aircraft manufacturer in the selection and specification of the models they offer. If a pre-owned aircraft is more matched to your budget, we can pare down the market to the aircraft that best fits the budget and mission.

At Orion, we are dedicated to making the acquisition of an aircraft a positive experience. An aircraft is a unique asset that can compress time and take you to places you thought you could never go. Finding the right aircraft for you is our objective – seeing you enjoy it is our passion!

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