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Aircraft Appraisal


Whether buying or selling, knowing the market value of an aircraft is the most critical component of the transaction. “What’s it worth?” is rarely in agreement between buyer and seller – until the deal is signed. But, even then, one or both parties may not be satisfied with the result.

With so much money on the table, it’s important to know where to start…and when to walk away. With Orion’s experience and resources, we are here to assist both buyers and sellers in appraising aircraft. We’ll match the aircraft to the market and determine the price to set – or the price to offer.

For sellers, we can assist through as much of the process as the seller desires. Often, having a disinterested third party as a mediator can lessen the emotional grind of the process, while ensuring that the transaction goes smoothly.

For buyers, we offer years of experience in aircraft transactions of all types. No need to worry about having the paperwork in order – we’ve done it many times over. And after the sale, Orion stands ready to assist the new owner at whatever level is desired – from flight department setup to pilot hiring to comprehensive turn-key management.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, whether you are a seller or buyer. We are passionate about helping you achieve your objective and getting the best price for that aircraft.

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